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Northern Area Field Day

Once again it was time for Northumberland YFC to head to the Field Day at Houghall College hosted by County Durham. Team Northumberland traveled in style on Primrose Coaches, thanks to Ian for his continued support, and headed down the a1 to the event. A wet day was ahead but this did not dampen our spirits as we all huddled in our Northumberland YFC gazebo.

We had some fantastic results throughout the day and well done to all of our competitors who took part.

Whitley Chapel won the Men’s TOW and have qualified for the National finals, yet again. The ladies TOW team also from Whitley put on a great show and came 5th. The Cambo juniors pulled well, finishing 4th overall.

In the industrial section Kate Simpson came 6th with her cube exhibit, the 3D biscuit sculpture was 3rd, Ashleigh Cousin’s dress modelled to perfection by Carly was 4th, Shaun Clennel’s cow bell came 5th, tie dye t-shirt was 5th, apple strudel was 5th, the batik scarf made by Vikki Dent was 3rd and Ed Craney came a fantastic second place with his metal aeroplane.

The Stockjudging also led to some great success from Northumberland. Gina Tailford came second in the pigs, Callum Wilson came 5th judging wheelbarrows, Joanna Harrison came 4th judging tomato plants and Nikki Woodman came 3rd in the horse Stockjudging.

We also performed well in the sports competition with the open bushtucker trial team coming 5th, the water obstacle race team, who amazingly stayed dry, came 4th and last but not least the very entertaining Edward Dungait came 6th in the dizzy dinosaurs completion despite running through the fence. If you have not seen the video it is a must see on our facebook page!

Again another fantastic day from Northumberland YFC, well done everyone!