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Rugby Report

This year’s national junior sports competition was Touch Rugby, it started at county level in which all the Northumberland clubs competed in strong wind conditions with the outcome of Cambo young farmers winning. They were then through to northern area in Preston where a team of boys from Cambo and Tritlington along with Stamfordham girls played their best in the freezing cold and on a very muddy pitch. However, even with no training sessions they still managed to win every single game putting them through to final against Yorkshire, the competition was tougher and they were all shattered and frozen by this point but in the end it was worth it as they won, undefeatable off to nationals.

Nationals took place a few months later in July, the team made their way down to Staffordshire for the weekend. This time however they would be against stronger competition so they were well prepared with many practise sessions behind them and unlike at county and northern area they had to compete in boiling hot conditions which made it even harder for the 3 girls who had to play every game as they couldn’t be substituted! There was young farmer clubs competing from all over Britain including Devon, Gloucester, Oxford, Wales, Yorkshire, Warwickshire and Lincolnshire. Every team played everyone in a ‘round-robin’ event and then the best two teams played each other in the final, everyone waited anxiously as the 2 clubs were announced… firstly Warwickshire and soon after “Northumberland” was heard, everyone cheered with excitement and they were more determined than ever to win as they lost to Warwickshire previously in the day. They were not going to go home 2nd place the game was tense, they created strong defence and the other team only managed to get one try while Northumberland managed to get four! As the final whistle blew team mates and supporters went crazy, they had won and returned home with the cup, junior touch rugby champions.